7 sections split into 44 easy to follow subjects.

Initial Considerations

In this section, we review those all important initial considerations. For example, are you ready to start your own business and are you aware of the challenges ahead? Do you have the right motivation and reasons for starting your own business? We'll also ensure you have reviewed your financial position and undertaken research to ensure there is a market for your product or service.


This section of the guide takes you through what we call the business foundations. Experience shows that any new business needs a strong base from which to build. We look at how to structure your business, who to inform, some of the legal aspects and the good practice from which to build your business.


In this section, we will cover the all important subject of finance. We look at the ways to choose a bank and how to raise finance. We also look at how to select an accountant, keep accurate records, and deal with taxation


In this section, we focus on your product or service. We have assumed you are the expert about this product or service, so we look at the pricing, payment terms, choosing suppliers and understanding what is unique about your offering.

Marketing and Sales

In this section, we look at how you can take your product or service to the market. We consider the marketing strategy as well as the actual tactics of delivering your marketing plan. We also provide an overview of sales to help you convert those precious leads which you have generated from your marketing activity.

Employing People

In this section, we look at the steps to consider when taking on people to work for you. We deal with recruiting, inducting, training and managing your employees.

Customer Service

In this section, we cover the subject of customer service. Every business should look to offer the best service possible to their customers. We discuss some of the ways to achieve this.

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