Employing People

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Identifying people needs

When starting a business or when you want to expand, you will need to consider how to best resource the planned workload. Your considerations could include reorganisation, outsourcing, hiring temporary staff, obtaining training for yourself and any existing staff or recruiting new employees.


When you take on people either as employees or as an outsourced resource, then you should first identify your specific requirements and plan how to fill your vacancy to ensure you get the best person for the role.

Employment documentation

It is important that you meet the laws and regulations around recruiting and employing staff.

Induction (as sample above)

It is recommended to give all your new starters an induction. All inductions should be structured so that the messages and information are consistent. A Professionally organised and delivered induction is your new employees' first impression of you and your organisation.


Training should be an integral part of your business strategy, planning and staff development. It establishes you have a culture of continuous improvement in your business.

People management

Managing the performance of your team is an important part of helping you reach your business objectives.

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