Marketing and Sales

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Strategic marketing (as sample above)

You could promote your business anywhere, but we suggest your marketing activity will be much more effective and resourceful if you have a marketing strategy.A marketing strategy is a process that will allow you to concentrate your resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage.

Tactical marketing plan

From your market research and strategic planning, you will have identified who you want as customers and the best ways to attract them. To promote your product or service this may need a mix of marketing activities both offline, using traditional marketing such as print and advertising OR online, using tools such as a web site and social media.


A good website is a must for any business, from the smallest company to the biggest. It needs to be a source of new customers, and it's how your company will be perceived by your potential customers.


You will have heard the saying 'people buy people' so you should always be aware that you are selling yourself as much as the product or service when promoting your business, however prospects will only speak to you if your product or service is attractive to them and meets a need or a want.

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