Section 4 containing 5 subjects


USP - Unique selling point (as sample above)

The aim should be to make your product or service as unique as possible, to have a feature or benefit that seperates you from your competition. To stand out in your market place you need to know and understand the 'real' reasons why your customers will buy your product or service rather than those of a competitor.


There is a range of prices you can charge, but the objective is usually to set prices at a level that meets the market demand and provides the highest possible profits.

Payment terms

You need to ensure your customers understand how much they need to pay and when they must pay you by. Most businesses give a period of credit, but this will depend on your business.

Your suppliers

This is an important consideration as your supplier could have a big impact on the reputation of your business.


You have done all the hard work in designing a product or service that has a market, you have found your customers and they have agreed to buy. So the distribution of your product or service is a key element in the customer's satisfaction. Is your distribution efficient, effective and reliable?

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